แมวเปอร์เซีย ไบคัลเลอร์และหิมาลายัน

 Welcome to Cat lagoon

             We greet you on our website! We are the small cattery of Persian Bi-color and Himalayan. My name is Phairpilin Visisphongaree. Our cattery name is Cat Lagoon where located in Bangkok Thailand. Cattery number is 215987 and registered in CFA at November10, 2006. We are concern about their healthy and psychology so we place them with cage less and freedom. We sometime place our cat in show and occasionally, we have kittens available. Our goal is to breed close to the standard of CFA.   

             We would like to give the special thank for people who give us this opportunity is Thikhumporn Charoenchatsirikul and Monnapa Tantanathewin.

             We hope you enjoyed your visit and thank for your visiting.   Please feel free to contect us.Tel. 08-52220099 E-mail   or contact via  my BB




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Contact us: Phairpilin Visisphongaree 77/6 Mooban Chaiyaprock1 Suwintawong Sansab Minburee 10510 Bangkok Thailand Tel. 085-2220099